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Did David Niven Have MND?

In July 1983, at the age of 73, the acclaimed novelist and Academy Award-winning actor, David Niven, passed away due to motor neurone disease. Throughout his battle with the illness, he displayed a remarkable combination of stoic determination, bravery, and a constant sense of humor.

Even in his final moments, he defiantly offered a ‘thumbs up’ gesture, which then became a symbol adopted by the MND Association for fundraising purposes.

The disease had affected him severely, but he maintained a positive outlook despite these difficulties.

In a touching moment of camaraderie, written with assistance and sent to fellow actor Anthony Quayle only two weeks before his passing, Niven had said, after a reference to “hoping for the best”: “I can’t write, swallow well, walk properly, but apart from this I’m fine. Don’t, whatever you do, get motor neurone disease.”

Hazel Carter, care giver and author

Hazel Carter, care giver and author

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