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Instruction to Carers for Alan’s daily needs

Instruction to Carers for Alan’s daily needs

Here are the routines we put in place when Alan became unable to support his own weight, and I therefore could not care for him by myself.

Two carers would attend Alan (not always the same two) so I created these lists as training tools for carers.They were useful checklists to ensure carers remembered everything.

The morning routine took two hours and the evening routine was one hour. The routine changed and flexed depending on how well Alan felt.

If you have any questions, please send them to me using the Contact the Author page. I will be happy to help. Hazel

Morning care routine
(once Alan became fully paralysed)

Turn on bedroom lights
Turn off power to pressure relieving mattress)
Open curtains
Pull back blanket and top sheet
Remove splits from Alan’s hands
Remove supports from Alan’s feet
Do leg exercises
Take off ventilator mask
Turn off ventilator and humidifier machines
Give Oramorph (under tongue)
Remove pyjama bottoms
Apply waterproof dressing to PEG on tummy (only necessary for first 2 months after having peg fitted)
Bring blue shower chair to bedroom from wet room
Put sling under Alan
Hoist Alan into shower chair
Put towel on bed (ready for drying Alan later)

Move Alan to kitchen and administer morning medicines (see separate list)
Move Alan to wet room and place him over commode pan
Remove underpants
Put folded towel behand Alans back and allow Alan time for toileting
Empty commode pan, clean and disinfect
Alan’s teeth and give mouthwash
Remove t shirt/pyjama top
Turn on shower (pull chord)
Wash hair and body wash (carefully clean around PEG site – with effect from 2 months from operation)
Dry Alan as much as possible and cover with towels
Brush his hair
Shave Alan’s face
Moisturise face
Moisturise body (if necessary)

Move Alan to bedroom – collect day clothes along the way
Apply deodorant and put on shirt/top
Put sling under Alan
Hoist Alan onto bed
Complete drying
Apply proshield to elbows/areas vulnerable to bed sores
Put on surgical stockings (if evidence of fluid retention), start putting on underpants/pad, trousers
Roll Alan in both directions and apply proshield to buttocks
Complete putting on underpants/pad, trousers
Clean PEG site (removing waterproof dressing if applied earlier)
Raise head part of bed
Flush PEG using 50mil water in a large syringe
Put shower chair back in wet room
Remove charger cables from power chair and ventilation machine (at back of power chair in kitchen)
Move power chair to bedroom
Hoist Alan into power chair
Remove sling and adjust Alan’s seating position as required

Move Alan to kitchen
Prepare breakfast (list on fridge door)
Prepare Nutrician (Milk) drink in special container, with flavouring as per Alans request, and put in fridge
Put apron on Alan
Feed Alan breakfast and drinks
Remove apron
Nebulising – put saline in Nebuliser chamber and attach it between Ventilation tube and mask tube
Turn on ventilator and nebuliser and put ventilation mask on Alan
After 20 minutes remove ventilation mask and turn off nebuliser and ventilation machines
Turn on Cough Assist Machine and do a minimum of 3 cycles to clear chest of mucus
Remove Nebuliser chamber and re connect ventilation tube to mask tube and put mask on Alan
Ensure drinks bottle is full of water and put on back of power chair, with tube attached to shirt/top
Move Alan to lounge and turn on TV
Make bed (FRIDAYS – strip bed and put on new linen)
Mop wet room floor and tidy up wet room
Clean up breakfast dishes, etc.

NOTE – when Alan became fully dependent on ventilator, he would be moved to the wet room with it still attached to him. The ventilator would be put onto a trolly table just outstide the wet room, covered with a suitable waterproof cover, and Alan was showered still attached to the ventilator.

Evening care routine

Switch on power to pressure relieving mattress
Close curtains
Remove ventilation mask and turn off ventilator
Administer Oramorph
If toileting, place towel on bed and hoist Alan from power chair to bed
Remove footwear and trousers
Check underpants/pad for soiling, clean up as required and dispose of soiled pad/underwear
Hoist from bed to shower chair

Move Alan to wet room
Put folded towel behind Alan’s back and allow Alan time for toileting
Clean up Alan on completion
Empty commode pan, clean and disinfect
Clean teeth and give mouthwash
Wash face and hands
Remove day shirt and put in laundry bin
Put on pyjama top/tee shirt

Move to kitchen
Administer bed time medication (see separate list)

Move Alan to bedroom
Put sling under Alan
Hoist onto bed
Put on underpants/pad
Put on pyjama bottoms while removing sling
Turn mattress setting to high
Raise head of bed – raise leg area of bed and ensure Alan is positioned correctly
Put on hand braces
Apply Proshield to feet
Assemble foot support
Apply Lipsalve
Turn on ventilator & humidifier machines
Put on ventilator mask
Ensure Rondish/call button is in right position on pillow
Move power chair to kitchen and connect to charger
Put ventilator machine at back of power chair and connect to charger
Connect hoist to charger

NOTE – when Alan was 100% dependent on ventilator machine, it would be left on him at all times and he would be moved from chair to bed, etc. still attached to it.